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Some kind of online blackjack magic

Hailed as one of the most-played table games around the world, blackjack is quick, easy, fun and as simple to learn as it is to win. This casino game involves strategic decision-making to get that ever-illustrious, shiny number 21 to work its magic on your chip pile, and it boasts some of the highest player odds in the casino.

How do I play blackjack?

  • First of all, you need to choose your bet, which you can do  by selecting your chip increment value and clicking on the table repeatedly to get your desired stake. If you place a bet and put too many chips on the table (an amount you actually didn’t want to place down), hold down shift and click on your bet area’s chips and it will decrease in the currently-selected increment.
  • Then, click on Deal and you’ll receive 2 cards and the dealer will receive one. According to the traditional blackjack game (if you’re playing a game like Classic Blackjack Gold Series), you will then be prompted to choose if you want a “Hit,”– in other words, draw another card that could potentially get you to your desired tally of 21. You’d use the face value of all cards, except jacks, queens and kings, which add up to 10. An ace is very special, because it can be whatever you need it to be: a 1 or an 11 – it wants to get you there to 21 so badly, it will change for you. And we hope you appreciate that.

Got a king and an ace? Shout “whoohoooo!!” because you just won blackjack instantly. The dealer can forget about beating you at this point.

If you’ve chosen to play a game like European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series, you can pay (and sometimes it’s free) to redeal your cards, or even the dealer’s cards, for a better shot at hitting that 21 total. It’s like being able to cheat – legally! Score!

  • Click Hit if you’d like to be dealt another card, and then repeat until you’re satisfied you’re as close to 21 as you can get, without going over. If the tally goes over 21, your cards will be removed and you’ll lose the round. If you make it kinda close to 21 but don’t want to risk getting a big-value card, then you can click on Stand and that will be the value that the dealer has to beat.

If you’re playing a game like European Blackjack Gold – Perfect Pairs, you can put your bet across 5 hands, play your “Hits” across all 5 and keep your strongest hand or hands (the ones on which you choose to stand or get to 21) to go up against the dealer’s hand.

  • Once you click Stand, or you’ve reached 21 (not by getting a king and an ace – because then you wouldn’t even need to read this far), the dealer will play and win if their hand is closer to the number 21 than yours. In most games, the dealer can’t take a risk and get another “Hit” when they reach the number 17 or higher, and have to stand on their hand no matter what the number is.

Make me a Blackjack Pro

Here are some extra little features that may increase your odds, depending on the game – understand them and get the edge:

  • Insurance – this is usually offered when the dealer is dealt an ace as their first card. If you think about it, there is a third of a chance that the dealer will pull a second card that has a value of 10 and win over you. Insurance is a side-bet that you can take that essentially bets on the dealer’s win and you can bet up to half of your wager.
  • Single-deck games – a game like Classic Blackjack Gold Series is played with a single deck, and this will marginally increase your odds. Because you play first, and say, you draw a 10-value card, you have a greater likelihood of getting one of the four aces in the pack, as opposed to the probability of multi-deck games.
  • Dealer “Hits” on soft 17 – when you play a game like Double Exposure Blackjack Gold Series, the dealer has to “Hit” on a soft 17 – which is a total of 17 reached by using an ace as an 11 and a 6 or any combination of cards that tally 6. The likelihood that the dealer will miss the 21 mark is increased.

Bceome blackjack savvy by trying your hand at our varieties (we have over 20 games) of blackjack within the Play for Fun option , then hit the decks with your $1,000 free + 50 Spins as a new player and show us who’s the blackjack boss.

For more information on the welcome bonus, click here.

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